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“Logan” is powerful and emotive. And it is available!!!

“Logan” is excellent, powerful and emotive. And it is available!!! “Logan” main credits:

Directed by James Mangold
Hugh Jackman                   Logan
Patrick Stewart                   Charles
Dafne Keen                        Laura
Boyd Holbrook                   Pierce
Stephen Merchant             Caliban
Elizabeth Rodríguez          Gabriela
Congratulations to the stars in front and behind the cameras.

“Logan” is “R-rated” by “violence”. For me, the great merits of the movie are the drama and the histrionic talents. More important: “Logan” is powerful by the realities regarding the old age and loneliness; and it is emotive by the closing chapters.

In the real world, the worst violence comes from the insensibility in front the realities regarding the old age and loneliness. The heroic soul is great by the power of love and the constructive human conscience. That is revolutionary.

The presence of comic books in the movie is a good detail. To be optimistic: It is not impossible the return of Hugh Jackman as Logan (for example, in a movie focusing on the Westchester incident, or more productions with the power to change the history). But, for the moment, it is very important to promote the new dimension of heroism and humanity from “Logan”.  

LOGAN 'Laura's Origin' Clip + Trailer:

Thank you, Hugh Jackman:  

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