miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

Happy Birthday to “Voyage to the bottom of the Sea” TV series!

·         Captain Crane: A man learns a great deal sitting on top of an armed nuclear bomb for twenty-four hours.
·         Admiral Nelson: I can think of a number of important people in this world of ours who would profit enormously from the experience.

First episode: September 14, 1964; and the legend continues!

Irwin Allen(creator)
Richard Basehart_________________Adm. Harriman Nelson
David Hedison___________________Captain Crane
Robert Dowdell___________________Chip Morton
Del Monroe______________________Kowalski
Terry Becker_____________________Chief Francis Ethelbert Sharkey
Paul Trinka______________________Patterson
Arch Whiting _____________________Sparks
Richard Bull______________________Doctor
Henry Kulky______________________Chief Curley Jones
Allan Hunt_______________________Riley

Thanks for the great inspiration to generations. Thanks for the heroes in front and behind the cameras.

·         Admiral Nelson: Seaview's job is never finished. As long as there are destructive forces in the world. As long as there are secrets of nature to be probed, believe me, there'll be work for us. On missions just as vital and as dangerous as this one.

·         "What's past is prologue". --William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”.

Voyage Bottom Sea: Introduction- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39u2y-wYgPQ

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