domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

Happy Birthday to Scarlett Johansson!

·         "What's past is prologue". --William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”.

Superlative attributes…
Joyful and elegant…
Scarlett is really beauty by her face, the exaltation of the physical and human charm as part of the divine creation, and the light from the soul. She has a unique presence, natural and seductive magnetism, perfect combination of voice and histrionic gift, talents, energy, magnificence as heroine, intellect and sensuality. She confirms that Woman is God's Masterpiece. Happy Birthday to Scarlett Johansson!

·         “What I respect most in people is naturalness and authenticity. I like to be able to see into their soul. I aspire to being a truthful person”. --Scarlett Johansson
·         “It's a great thing to get older and learn. I don't feel bound in any way by how many years I've lived. I identify just as much with my 86-year-old grandmother as I do with my sister”. --Scarlett Johansson
·         “I find beauty in unusual things, like hanging your head out the window or sitting on a fire escape”. --Scarlett Johansson

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