viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

Heroism is not perfection, is more…

From the role of James T. Kirk to the role of T. J. Hooker, we have a realistic dimension of heroism. Heroism is not perfection, is the capacity to be smart, wise with humor and effective leader in the way of the good aspirations and the unique personality.

The real person is really respectable. By that reason, the worldwide admiration to William Shatner is the recognition to a genuine human being with the capacity to be the incarnation of the real heroism based in the admirable force of the human condition.

The capacity of enjoy the blessings is an art. The gift to incarnate admirably a diversity of roles is a privilege. The intellect to write and to inspire heroism for generations is a constructive power with more than words. Be always blessed William Shatner.  

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