miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

Congratulations to Adrianne Palicki and more!

Congratulations to Adrianne Palicki! God bless Adrianna, Clark Gregg and collaborators, along with families. Congratulations for the contribution and potential of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. Certainly the real heroism is necessary in the entire World. The real heroism has the will to persevere in the life as cause of love and truth.

My Class of 1985 from Ponce High School (located in an important City in Puerto Rico) adopted a good idea to identify members with characters from “Avengers”. The creator of the concept has the role of Captain America and I have the role of agent Coulson. I admire the faith, vocation, discipline, intelligence and perseverance of Phil Coulson.
It’s great the photo of Adrianne Palicki and Clark Gregg in the admirable and historic Old San Juan. I’m also a Fan of Adrianne. It will be extraordinary, in a future visit of both stars to Puerto Rico, a travel to Ponce (with history and called to grow) to share with the “Avengers Team” (not an official fan club) on that City.

But, the reunion in San Juan (the Capital of the Island) is acceptable to the historic and heroic reunion. The real heroism has the positive power with worldwide perspective. Be always wise and blessed.

·         “Coulson was the one who knew most of the superheroes so he was the one tasked with bringing them altogether”. --Clark Gregg


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